2017-19 MA, Critical and Curatorial Studies, Columbia University, New York
2018-19 MA, Histoire de l’Art, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
2011-15 BA Honours, Visual Studies & Cinema Studies, University of Toronto (With High Distinction)
2014-15 Vic Capstone Research Colloquium, University of Toronto
2011-12 Vic One Program: Norman Jewison Stream for the Arts, University of Toronto

Grants & Awards
2019 MODA Thesis Research Award, Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University
2018 Travel Funding, Department of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University
2018 Travel Grant, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University
2018 Travel Funding, International House New York and Fund II Foundation
2017 Travel Grant, Graduate Student Advisory Council, Columbia University
2017 Gatsby Grant, Arts Initiative Council, Columbia University
2017 OCAD Off-Screen Award (Strongest New Media Work), The Images Festival
2017 Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2017 Project Support Award, Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts
2017 Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2016 Visual Arts Project Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2016 Visual Arts Project Grant, Toronto Arts Council

Fellowships & Scholarships
2019 PepsiCo Research Fellowship, Harriman Institute, Columbia University
2017-19 Video Production Fellowship, International House New York
2018-19 Resident Scholarship Award, International House New York
2017-18 Women’s International Leadership Fellowship, New York
2017-18 Resident Fund Scholarship, International House New York
2017 Ruebhausen Fund Scholarship Award
2015 Dean’s List Scholarship Award, University of Toronto
2015 Regents Participation Award, University of Toronto
2014 The Kate (Coleman) Krenz Scholarship, University of Toronto
2013 The Muriel McCuaig Memorial Scholarship in French, University of Toronto
2011 President’s Entrance Scholarship, University of Toronto

Talks & Conferences
2018 Presenter, Ninth Annual Symposium of the Consortium for Asian and African Studies, INALCO, Paris
2018 Panelist, Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario
2018 Presenter, Conference in the Department of Comparative Literature, Princeton University
2018 Presenter, International Postgraduate Research Conference, Trinity College Dublin
2018 Presenter, Totally Not a Ted Talk, New York
2018 Interlocutor, Lecture by Goran Marković, Department of Slavic Languages, Columbia University
2018 Artist Talk, Aesthetics of Everyday Life (undergraduate seminar), University of Toronto
2017 Guest Speaker, Sunday Scene: The Milliner's Daughter, The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto
2017 Guest Speaker, Radio Laguna, Belgrade
2017 Guest Speaker, CRITS + CHILL, Y+ Contemporary, Scarborough
2017 Artist Talk, Y+ Contemporary, Scarborough
2017 Artist Talk, Visual Strategies (undergraduate seminar), University of Toronto
2015 Guest Speaker, Social Philosophy (graduate seminar), U of Toronto
2015 Presenter, Philosophy Undergraduate Conference, University of Toronto
2015 Presenter, Vic Capstone Research Colloquia Symposium, University of Toronto

Solo Exhibitions & Major Projects
2017 The Octagon (solo), European Center for Culture and Debate, Belgrade, Serbia
2017 Bidding War (with Alvin Luong), Y+ Contemporary and Images Festival, Toronto

Curatorial Projects
2017 Four or More or None: Linzy, Kobayashi, Neuspiel, and Nye, Bettman Hall, Columbia University
2017 Shannon Garden-Smith & Emily Smit-Dicks: She Makes Two from One and One, 8-11 Gallery, Toronto
2017 Tau Lewis: Cyphers, tissue, blizzards, exile, 8-11
2016 Patrick CruzArcheological Apathy, 8-11 (co-presented with SAVAC)
2016 Maya Ben David: MBD: Origin Story, 8-11
2015 A Good Idea Will Turn Into a Bad One, Trinity Square Video, Toronto
2015 Inside the Construction, North Borden, University of Toronto

Group Exhibitions, Film Festivals, & Art Fairs
2019 Supermarket Art Fair (Ed Video booth, curated by Angel Callander)
2018 Program for Bump TV — title TBA (curated by Scott McGovern)
2018 In Attendance, Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario (curated by Matt Kyba)
2018 Video Rental Store, Saw Video Media Art Centre, Ottawa (curated by Su-Ying Lee & Suzanne Carte)
2017 Bodily, CP Projects Space, The School of Visual Arts, New York
2017 Sluice Biennial, London, UK (presented by Ed Video; curated by Neale Willis)
2017 FLAT, Bunker 2 Contemporary Art Container, Toronto
2017 The Images Festival, Toronto (presented by Y+ Contemporary)
2016 Concert Projections for Lehrerin + Kaleidoscope Horse + Catholic Wilt, Toronto
2015 Dialogue, The Dragon Academy, Toronto
2015 Visual Studies Thesis, University of Toronto
2015 FKX Festival for Media Art & Performance, Fellbach, Germany
2014 Subject, Object, Abject, EEL Gallery, University of Toronto
2014 Eyeball, University of Toronto
2014 FKX Festival for Media Art & Performance, Fellbach, Germany
2013 Eyeball, University of Toronto

Select Programming
2018 Co-organizer, Panel: "The Future Is" (Diana Rusu, Wilneida Negrón, Claudia Dreifus), Women's International Leadership Program
2018 Toronto Music Videos: 2017-18 (with Jenna McClelland), Double Double Land, Toronto
2017 Parastoo AnoushahpourFaraz Anoushahpour, and Ryan Ferko (for 8-11), The Platforms Project, Athens
2017 Tau Lewis and Yaniya Lee in Conversation, 8-11
2016 Stephanie ComilangLumapit Sa Akin, Paraiso (Canadian Premiere), 8-11
2016 Your Civilization Suffers a Complete Collapse: A Panel (with SAVAC), 401 Richmond St. W
2016 Organizer/Moderator, Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It: A Panel on Artists and Money, 8-11 Gallery
2015 Organizer and Moderator, On Art & Activism: A Panel, Hart House, Toronto
2016 Executive Programmer, Conscious Activism Documentary Series, Hart House Toronto

Select Writing & Editorial
2018 Contributor, Lust for Life: A Wedding exhibition publication, Pratt Institute, New York
2017 Commissioned Writer, Ed Pien: Corridor of Rain, Curitiba Biennale, Brazil
2016-17 Art Blogger, Art Metropole, Toronto
2014-15 Editor, Camera Stylo Film Studies Journal, University of Toronto
2014 Editor-in-Chief, Shift: The U of Toronto Publication for Art and Architecture

Gallery & Museum Work
2018 Full-Time Curatorial Intern, Department of Media and Performance Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York
2015-17 Co-Director and Curator, 8eleven Gallery, Toronto
2016 Curatorial and Research Intern (Canadian & Indigenous Art: 1968-Present), National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
2015 Curatorial and Archive Intern, Trinity Square Video, Toronto
2014 Summer Research Intern, Women’s Art Resource Centre, Toronto

Other Professional
2018 Audio/Visual Technician, Columbia University, New York
2016-17 Research Assistant, Steele & Tomczak, Toronto
2016 Executive Assistant, Giannone Petricone Architects, Toronto
2015 Studio Assistant, John Massey, Toronto
2015 Artwork Consultant, The Canadian Art Foundation, Toronto
2014 Assistant to the Program Director — Lisa Steele, Visual Studies, University of Toronto
2013-15 Research and Studio Assistant, Video Art, Visual Studies, University of Toronto

2014 The Roundtable Residency (with Alvin Luong), Toronto

2016 Video Fever, Trinity Square Video, Toronto