Ivana Dizdar’s eponymous performance persona is a pseudo-liberal art collector, art dealer, commercial gallerist, curator, art advisor, business magnate, patron of the arts, and philanthropist based in New York City. She is the founding director and CEO of Ivana Dizdar Projects (IDP), a multi-million dollar commercial gallery franchise with locations in North America, Western Europe, East Asia, and Central Africa. Occupying the margin between realism and satire, Dizdar embodies the rhetorical force of bullshit in art and politics, calling attention to art-world hypocrisies by undermining the causes she publicly advocates.

This ongoing performance project is inspired by statements, speeches, and conversations heard and overheard in New York City beginning in 2017. It addresses the art world’s role in abusive labor practices, systemic racism, neocolonial exploitation, and environmental degradation. Blending fact and fiction, the performances also consider how the art world figures in the context of "post-truth" politics.

Living the Dream.JPG

Ivana Dizdar at Art Basel Miami, 2017.


Photo by Rand Jarallah.

Introductory speech to the performance series "Bodily" at the CP Projects Space, School of Visual Arts, on December 16, 2017, co-presented by Ivana Dizdar Projects. The performance is inspired by recent public speeches, professional panels, museum talks, private conversations, and overheard comments. "Bodily" was curated by John Elammar, María Sáenz, and Andrea Valencia, and also included performances by Camilo Godoy, Anna Nykyri, Phoebe Osborne, and Shannon Stovall.

IDP Africa Cake